The Pilipiñas Packet

Sojourn in The Philippines, 2019-2020

Volume 6, The Visit, December 6

The storm wailed all through the night into Wednesday then gradually abated. By noon the sun broke out and you’d hardly know there had been a storm at all, except for the downed trees and power lines and bits of peoples’ huts scattered in the fields and ditches. We could still salvage something of our day but not our trip Lake Taal Island and volcano. Maybe Thursday.

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Volume 4, Tagaytay, November 19

Week 4 came with the realization that this was indeed week four and any thoughts of this being just a long vacation were finally out of my mind. Not that I was feeling out of my mind (cira olo) exactly, but the sense of isolation in a foreign land, and alien culture and an unfamiliar language, has been enervating.

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Volume 2, Samar, November 4

After the first week at Bayleaf Hotel in General Trias, Cavite, and visiting all the relatives and friends in nearby Trece Martires, it was time for a trip to Tacloban to visit the Samar arm of the Espino clan.

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