Travels with Myself

A Journal of Discovery and Transition
Doug Jordan, Author

Travels With Myself, Part V

24.3 Love is in the Air

February 14 is Valentine’s Day, that curiously celebrated day for romantic love, when the rituals of courting begin, or reset. We think of Spring as the time for awakening love interest, so why St. Valentine’s Day in mid-February, surely two months short of Spring Fever?

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Thoughts on Writing/Publishing

24.2 A Thing Worth Doing

In this sense, the adage, ‘don’t let excellence be the enemy of the good’ applies. It may also be variant on the Nike slogan: if a thing is worth doing, do it.

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Books by Doug Jordan

24.1 The Trouble with Quality

The concept of quality, and its derivatives – poorly, well, good, badly, worth doing – are largely subjective, and as such there is a certain relativism in the terms.
Every author, surely, wants to be ‘good’ writer, but this illusive standard can be soul destroying.

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