The Pilipiñas Packet

Sojourn in The Philippines, 2019-2020

Volume 23, Dasma Lockdown, April 5

I said at the beginning of this volume of the Dasma Diary that I don’t worry about having material to write about because, invariably, something will turn up. And once again that has proven to be the case.

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Volume 22, Dasma Lockdown, March 29

Reading and writing take up a big chunk of my day but there’s only so much sitting one can do. And changing positions to lie on the bed is only a temporary solution. These were activities I was looking forward to in my Philippines sojourn but now that they are almost my only activities I am feeling a bit claustophic, and QQR a bit like prison. I’ve taken to feeding rice and bread crusts to the sparrows on my balcony. I’m beginning to think of myself as the Birdman of Alcatraz.

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Volume 21, Dasma Lockdown, March 22

The malls are practically empty as most stores and restaurants have closed, except for grocery stores and pharmacies, and probably Jollibee. The government is quite torn between limiting movement and seriously disrupting commerce. This seems to be the case all over the world.

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Volume 20, Dasma, March 15

COVID-19 exploded across the internet and became all-consuming. I decided that, since the circumstances were out of my control, and my personal situation was not dire, I would defer a decision until more information became available. We would either be returning to Canada on the 23rd as planned, or we would be staying in The Philippines for a while longer.
But the immediate plan was to go to Manila to see the Philippines Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. And stay at the iconic Manila Hotel.

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Volume 19, Dasma, March 8

In two weeks we will be winging our way back to Canada. This quiet week in Dasma was became increasing filled with our preparations for departure and visits from family.

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