Travels with Myself

A Journal of Discovery and Transition
Doug Jordan, Author

Travels With Myself, Part III (2022)

22-1. Year-End Review 2021

But enough of 2021, what do we intend to do about 2022. Well, assuming continuing decent health, both physical and mental, and hoping that life’s vicissitudes give me a pass this year, I think I’ll try for the same mission as 2021 but modified thusly:

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Thoughts on Writing/Publishing

21-19. Marketing and Sales as a ‘Project’

So, facing my fears, I decided to make the Marketing and Selling of The Treasure of Stella Bay my Project for the next five months. I would try to bring my talents to bear, even if they are not my best talents, and strive for some modicum of fulfillment, if not actual joy.

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Travels with Myself, Part II

20-7. Willpower

I mention all these metaphysics in this blog because I have been struggling with the problem of willpower for a while now, not the metaphysical problem but actual problem of overcoming stuckness. Inertia rules my days, I’m a little short of ‘ertia’.

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TWM – 73. Travels With Myself

I set down in the previous chapters some of the Lessons Learned of the Philippines. But what have I learned about myself? And have I been able to convey some of what I have learned to my readers? Indeed, what hubris for me to think they would want to know what I had learned.

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