Travels with Myself

A Journal of Discovery and Transition
Doug Jordan, Author

Mental Health

21-16. Dreams 3

Do you recall Roy Orbison’s tier two hit song, In Dreams? (Probably not, but it’s a beautiful song.) It starts as a fantasy, of a lucid hopeful future; but true to form, it ends badly. I think that’s the main point of dreaming, to reconcile our internal conflicts. (Roy must have had a depressing life – almost all his hits are sad songs full of doubt.)

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Travels with Myself, Part II

20-7. Willpower

I mention all these metaphysics in this blog because I have been struggling with the problem of willpower for a while now, not the metaphysical problem but actual problem of overcoming stuckness. Inertia rules my days, I’m a little short of ‘ertia’.

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