Manila Memos

Reflections on Seeking Solutions, 2018-2019

The Manila Memos, Issue 5, 2018 December

I needed to explore and learn more about this country. Carmen was not my only agenda in The Philippines; I was also a tourist. I also knew Emily’s ghost was all around me, somewhere. I wanted to see more of Manila; the rest of The Philippines would have to wait for some future trip.

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The Manila Memos, Issue 4, 2018 December

The drive from the the Discovery Hotel in Pasig District Manila to Cavite proved to be a real eye-opener to this Canadian foreigner. 30 minutes on the map proved to be 2 hours by taxi; Metro Manila never seemed to end, except for a 2 km stretch of mixed housing, garages, pastures, the odd cow and some rice paddies; the humanity was ever-present.

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The Manila Memos, Issue 2, 2018 December

I kept reminding myself of my purpose for this trip, my stated one: to do due diligence on this new internet prospect, to ‘seize the day’ (and have no regrets in my ‘old age’) and to admit to myself I was still looking for Almighty; not The Almighty of course, but Emily

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