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Sojourn in The Philippines, 2019-2020

Volume 12, Tagaytay and Singapore, January 20

In our haste and optimism as we were urgently leaving Wind Residences, Carmen and I only packed for a week – three days for our evacuation, and our four days vacation in Singapore. We assumed this little Taal calamity would have returned to normal by the time we got back. Now that seems very unlikely.

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Volume 11.2, Shaken, Not Stirred, January 13

As I reported at the tail end of Volume 11.1 of The TT, Taal Island Volcano began to let off some steam around 2:00 pm. I didn’t even notice anything happening outside until our building manager called to let us know there was nothing to be concerned about. Talaga!

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Volume 11.1, Asian Hospital, January 10

And speaking of having no control over life’s events, even as I am writing this blog about the unfairness of cancer which has no regard to a person’s age or circumstances, we experienced yet another example:

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Volume 11, Trece City Hall, January 9

Carmen runs a little business selling cosmetics and beauty products, mostly promoting the wonders of oral collagen. She’s had many little businesses over her years, some of which helped her survive and raise her kids on her own, most of these without a license (business that is, she had a license for the kids).

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